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iBank® 16-Color Motion Activated Toilet Night Light

Pricing Details

$9.99 each
Minimum Quantity: 100
$45.00 each
Motion-Activated & Light Sensitive - Cockle toilet light is a cool motion detection led night light which activates automatically when you approach the toilet bowl in late night, illuminating it in a pleasant way that SOOTHES you. Lights up only when it’s dark.
16 LED Colors with 2 Modes - Carousel mode, let the unit cycle between 16 different colors OR choose a single color that suits your mood, press the button to fix When it goes to the color you like, press again to let 16 colors go on rotating.
Flexible Arm, Fits ANY Toilet in Seconds - Cockle Toilet Light is incredibly easy to install. It uses a flexible arm which takes the shape of any toilet bowl and STAYS IN PLACE. No useless suction cups. Nice addition to your bath.
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