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Trakkables Tags
#Tklt-1 Key Luggage Tag with Trakkables 4 Color Process Vinyl

Pricing Details

100 $6.00 each
250 $4.30 each
500 $3.90 each
1000 $3.25 each
2500 $2.75 each
5000 $2.65 each
$70.00 per order
Minimum Quantity: 100
Trakkables Tags:
Helping the world find lost items: Lost & Found Tags.
1)Items Lost with Trakkables Tag with Custom Logo.
2)Trakkables QR Code Scan by Finder.
3)Item returned to Owner.
Available in:
Key Tags, Stickers, Luggage Tag, RFID Sleeve, Sticky Swipe & more!!.
Trade Show give aways.
Member Benefits.
Company Programs.
Car Dealers.
Brand Awareness.
Charity Events.
Sports Team Merchandise.
Company item protection.
Golf Tournaments & more...
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